Exchange Ideas

Show Me Rotary Leadership Institute Multi-District Sessions

Meeting leaders
A major benefit of attending Show Me Rotary is the exchange of ideas between leaders in different clubs and districts.  Presidents-Elect and Presidents-Nominee have separate sessions.
  • Presidents Elect focus on how to adapt and change, engage their club members and select priorities for their club. 
  • Presidents Nominee focus on planning and will be able to create a 15-month plan and a vision for their club.

  • Presidents Elect Session 1 Increase our Impact
    • Rotary Action Plan/Vision Statement overview
    • Rotary Club Central/Rotary Citation/Enter Goals
    • Rotary Action Groups-referencing Peace Builders
    • Global Grants/7 areas of focus-breakout group
  • Presidents-Elect Session 2  Expand Our Reach
    • Partnerships with other Organizations
    • Storytelling-breakout groups to share your Rotary Story
    • Diversity in Membership-breakout group to look at new club models
  • Presidents-Elect Session 3 - Enhance Participant Engagement
    • Creating Value by Engaging Members-breakout groups to discuss
    • Membership Satisfaction
    • Rotary Leadership Development Opportunities
    • Leveraging Service Projects- how to inspire and engage current members and attract new members
  • Presidents-elect Session 4  Increase Our Ability to Adapt
    • Flexible ideas-breakout groups working with a club flexibility worksheet/new club vision
    • Collaborative Decision Making-breakout groups working on how to get club Involvement and commitment
    • Leading Change-Working on their Action Plans
  • Presidents Nominee Session 1 – At the starting gate
    • Intro to Strategic plan
    • Get to know each other 
    • What are things you can do to incorporate/apply the RI Strategic Plan into your Club? 
  • Presidents-Nominee Session 2 - Your Role in Leading Your Club
    • PN Calendar
    • Breakout to work on the PN Calendar for clubs
    • Log into My Rotary and Rotary Club Central
    • Entering Officers and entering Club Goals
  • Presidents Nominee Session 3 – Assume an active role in club administration
    • Recruiting and identifying committee chairs.
    • Why is it important to meet with your club administration committee?
    • Who might you include on your team?  What officers or committee chairs?
    • How do you identify/recruit committee chairs for your leadership team?
    • Why is it important to get “buy-in” of your club members?
  • Presidents-nominee Session 4 – Prepare for your year as President
    • What motivates your club members?
    • Especially in the world of Covid and change, how can your increase level or membership engagement and satisfaction?  What types of fellowship activities do you do?
    • How can you promote training for members at all stages of their Rotary lives?
    • Rotary Learning center opportunities.
Past District Governors
A special session for Past District Governors will be held approximately two weeks before Show-Me Rotary.  This session will include the traditional Rotary update and include Rotary International Leaders.  Past District Governors will be sent plans by email.  Updates will also be posted here.

District Governors-Elect
David McCaughey, D6040
Margie Sammons, D6060
Joan Kramer, (D6080)

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