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Show Me Rotary Institute

6pm – 8pm SMR Live Kick-Off – Enjoy Speed Networking with your Classmates, Assistant Governors and other Rotary leaders followed by Appetizers and Entertainment from Springfield PDG spouse-led Band – Montage (Carol Rienert)

7:00am Networking & New Generation Breakfast (Guests are welcomed and checked-in - No designated seating Encourage table networking; a table tent on each table invites everyone to get to know one another; a plated breakfast is served as guests arrive at tables)

7:25am A high energy Rotary video quiets the room and prepares guests for the official start of the gathering

7:30am Welcome from Tim Cudd, Flag Ceremony & Opening including introductions of Rotary dignitaries in attendance,
then hand-off to DGEs to begin the programming for the day (Who is responsible for details?)

7:43am Introduce Rich Linden and Valerie Anderson – Julie Leverenz, DGE District 6060

7:45am Rotary Youth Leadership Academy Presentation Rich Linden and Valerie Anderson FRIDAY, MARCH 25TH - LIVE & IN PERSON!
Goal: To inspire engagement, enhance awareness of the Rotary Action Plan context for growing Rotary, support development of specific intentions for 2022-23 club leadership, and build awareness of Rotary resources.

8:10am QUESTION #1 - What opportunities can your club offer that would engage the next generation of Rotarians? – Julie Leverenz

8:12am Discussion at each table

8:30am Introduce Tim Carson - John Horton, DGE District 6080

8:32am Innovative Club Story Presentation Tim Carson – Rotary Club of Rocheport

9:00am QUESTION #2 - What innovative idea would increase your club’s impact in your community? – John Horton

9:02am Discussion at each table

9:20 John Horton send folks to BREAK

9:20am NETWORKING in HOUSE OF FRIENDSHIP & HEALTH BREAK Introduce the House of Friendship is set up with exhibits/key leaders/vendors (i.e. Foundation Representatives; Membership Representatives; Innovative Club Experience Representatives;as well as Shelter Box, Russel Hampton, etc.)

9:35am Introduce Carl Chinnery – Kent Shelman, DGE District 6040

9:40am Eradicating Polio Presentation – Carl Chinnery, PDG (Kent)

10:10am QUESTION #3 - How can your club engage in polio eradication & stand-up for health & wellbeing in your community? – Kent Shelman

10:12am Discussion at each table

10:30am Introduce Ray Klinginsmith – Julie Leverenz

10:32am The Power of the Rotary Foundation Presentation – Ray Klinginsmith (TENTATIVE), Past President – Rotary International

11:00am QUESTION #4 - How can your club harness the power of the Rotary Foundation? - Julie Leverenz

11:02am Discussion at each table

11:30 Julie Leverenz sends folks to BREAK

11:30am NETWORKING in HOUSE OF FRIENDSHIP AND HEALTH BREAK (After guests leave the room, set up tables with grab and go box lunches; reset room to move folks to new tables when they return to the room following break to pick up a lunch and enjoy the afternoon)

12:00 Return to large room and experience powerful video to quiet the room 12:10 Welcome back and Invocation - John Horton


12:30 Introduce Elizabeth Usovicz – John Horton

12:35 Empowering Girls– Elizabeth Usovicz – RI Director


  1:25 High Energy Rotary Video invites folks to take seats to begin the afternoon

  1:30 Introduce Jerry Franklin – Kent Shelman

  1:33 Innovative Club Story Presentation Jerry Franklin, Rotary Club of Warrensburg

  1:53 QUESTION #5 - What can your club do to increase its openness and appeal? – Kent Shelman

  1:55 Discussion at each table

  2:05 Introduce Jill Pietruskinski - Julie Leverenz

  2:10 The Power of Engaged and Energized Rotary Club Members -Jill Pietrusinski – Zone 31 Coordinator

  2:27 QUESTION #6 - How can you learn what your club members value about their Rotary experience? –
Julie Leverenz

  2:30 Discussion at each table

  2:47 QUESTION #7 - What can your club do to offer opportunities for personal and professional growth? – Julie Leverenz

  2:50 Discussion at each table

  3:15 Julie Leverenz sends folks to BREAK & Off to District Gatherings

  3:15 NETWORKING AND HEALTH BREAK – Move each District to its own room – arriving by 3:45

  3:45 Each DGE Welcomes and Introduce the room/intentions

  3:55 QUESTION #8 – What are the top three aspirations you have for your club? - DGEs

  3:57 Discussion at each table

  4:10 to 4:55 NEXT STEPS PRESENTATION (Presented by DGEs) Describe the process of preparing for their next Rotary year (hand-outs/calendars on the table with each District’s specific dates/engagement intentions; introduce Rotary Citation and promote April-June required GO training sessions included in SMR 2022 to translate their aspirations into goal)

  5:00 to 5:30 Group Photos (All Districts, then by District)

  5:30 to 7:00 Past District Governor Gathering with Jennifer Jones

  5:30 to 6:00 PN Gathering by District with DGNs

  5:30 to 6:45 Social/Reception in Atrium with PEs and PNs (after their PN gathering) with DG Line hosting

  6:45. Powerful video begins playing to invite folks into the dining room

  7:00 Welcome and Invocation John Horton

  7:10 Dinner (Plated)

  7:30 Introduce RIPE Jennifer Jones – Kent Shelman

  7:35 RIPE Jennifer Jones - PRESENTATION

  8:30 Thank you, What’s next for PEs and PNs, and Good Night
Julie Leverenz

  8:30 to 10:00 Adjourn and Safe Travel OR Remain and enjoy Dessert bar and drinks in the Atrium with RIPE Jennifer Jones

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