Take Action

Attendees at Show Me Rotary will find many ways to Take Action.
Please review the list below for ideas that can become your “Take-Aways”
from Show Me Rotary.

  • Lead your club in visioning or strategic planning
  • Enter your club goals in 2022-2023 into Rotary Club Central
  • Have a club program on Rotary Action Groups, promoting fellowship
  • Follow-up with other club leaders you met during Show Me Rotary to learn more about their fundraising ideas and projects
  • Identify potential partners for your projects in your community
  • Engage new members in Rotary, develop a membership plan
  • Evaluate new club models with a small group in your club
  • Plan a 15-month club calendar
  • Enter club officers into Rotary Club Central
  • Conduct a membership satisfaction survey for your club
  • Use service projects to inspire and engage members
  • Get club members to say “yes” to club leadership and committee positions
  • Follow-up with your club administration committee to ensure leaders are all pursuing the same goals
  • Evaluate peoples’ skill sets to serve on your leadership team
  • Increase club members’ flexibility
  • How to make decisions collaboratively to obtain buy-in from club members
  • Develop action plans for 2022-2023
  • Understand club member motivation
  • Increase the level of member satisfaction
  • Engage members in training throughout their Rotary tenure